Midsize Enterprise Summit West
September 22-25, 2013
JW Marriott Desert Ridge
Phoenix, AZ

Thank you for your interest in attending the Midsize Enterprise Summit West.

Please complete the registration below. Please note that due to limited available seats and specific event qualifications, your registration does not guarantee participation in the event.

For more information on attending, please contact Taylor Hyams at 508-416-1164 or taylor.hyams@ubm.com

•Required Information

Have you previously attended the Midsize Enterprise Summit after 2011?
Yes, I have attended before.     No, this is the first time.
Have you attended a Mid Market CIO Forum event in the past?
Yes, I have attended other event.   No.
If so, when did you attend the Mid Market CIO Forum?    

Salutation Mr.    Ms.    Dr.
First Name
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Organization Name
Street Address
E-mail Address
Do you have an Administrative Assistant
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If so, what is the Administrative Assistant's Name?
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Please take a few minutes to answer the following questions so we can better serve you:

1. Are you currently buying research from:

If Other:

2. What best describes your organization's primary industry?


3. Who do you directly report to within your organization?


4. How many people are employed in your entire organization?
1-99 1,000-2,499
100-249 2,500-4,999
250-499 5,000-9,999
500-999 More than 10,000

5. How many people are employed in your IT Department?
1-5 21-50
6-10 50-100
11-20 100+

6. What is the total number of enterprise seats in your organization?
1-49 500-999
50-99 1,000-1,499
100-249 1,500-2,499
250-499 More than 2,500

7. How many of your work force are mobile/remote users?
1-49 500-999
50-99 1,000-1,499
100-249 1,500-2,499
250-499 More than 2,500

8. What is your organization's total annual revenue?
Less than $50 million $500 million - $749 million
$50 million - $99 million $750 million - $1 billion
$100 million - $249 million More than $1 billion
$250 million - $499 million Other:   

9. What is your organizations annual IT budget, excluding payroll?
Less than $1 million $50 million - $100 million
$1 million - $5 million $100 million - $500 million
$5 million - $10 million More than $500 million
$10 million - $50 million  

10. What is your role in IT purchase decisions?
Final Decision-Maker
Decision Influencer
Recommend Products/Services

11. What percentage of your IT budget, including hardware, software and services, is spent with a channel partner (i.e., reseller, service provider, consultant)?
Less than 25% 25% to 49%
50% to 74% 75% to 100%

12. Please share any big projects or implementations you are currently undertaking or will be undertaking within the next 12 months and what their objectives are.

13. Please help us in better matching you with your peers and vendors by answering what solutions you have interest in investing in within the next 12-18month period:
High Medium Low
Application Integration
Application Software
Business Intelligence
Business Process Management
Cloud Computing
Compliance/Risk Management
Content Resource Management
Data Center/BCM
Desktop Virtualization
Disaster Recovery/Business Continuity
Enterprise Content Management
Enterprise Resource Planning
Mobile Devices
Managed Print Services
Managed Services/On-Demand Services
Project & Portfolio Management
Server Virtualization
Social Media/Collaboration
Unified Communications

14. Please tell us which of the following manufacturers that your organization currently works with for your IT needs:
 Hewlett Packard
If Other:

15. Are you interested in evaluating IT products and services from outside of the US?
Yes.     No.

16. What is your interest level in evaluating, moving or expanding operations to the new global market?
Very Interested.    Somewhat Interested.    Not Interested.

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